The Advanced Guide to Women’s Nails Designs 2022

Designs for long nails.

The oval shape is suitable for wide and narrow nail beds. Not only does this shape fit a variety of nails and nail beds, it also makes your fingers look longer. However, to get this look, you need thick, wide nails (whether artificial or natural). However, if you choose natural, you must grow your nails to a standard length.

Designs for long nails

The coffin nail shape is very popular among those who prefer longer lengths. While blunt-angled tips are most common in lengthening nails, if you polish your nail care routine and your natural nails are strong, you can pull them off on longer nails. Remember to flick your nail file in one direction as this will help prevent breakage.

Designs for short nails.

short nails designs

This simple shape is perfect for short nails (even biting nails!), and they only slightly accentuate your nail bed while maintaining its natural shape. It’s also the most popular nail shape: Most women choose this classic style when visiting a salon, Rose reveals. This shape is also perfect if you want strong nails, recommends Ava Shamban, a Los Angeles-based dermatologist and author of Heal Your Skin. With this shape, the nails are less likely to crack or break and are healthier.

Here’s our guide to different nail tip shapes, including short, long, natural, and acrylic nail options, whether you’re looking for a classic, easy, fun, or a strong statement shape, so you know what to ask for perfection at the salon or by creating your own Manicure:

The latest nail design trends for women.

As the new season approaches, it’s ideal to indulge in fall nail designs and colors to refresh your look and try out new trends. “The most popular nail trend right now is the sleek and wearable French manicure,” says Juanita Huber-Millet, founder of luxury nail salon chain Townhouse (Opens in a new tab). “It’s very flexible in how it can be customized, whether it’s a micro french tip or a bold pop of color. This design is the perfect way to add a pop of color to your look.”

Finall Word

Simple nail designs add an extra edge to your look and are a great way to play with color. A solid color that looks like a white nail design or a demure manicure is usually a good choice for nail designs for short or flat nails. According to Perfectil’s celebrity manicurist and Vitabiotics (opens in new tab) beauty expert Michelle Humphrey, green is one of the most popular color choices right now.

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